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TDMG provides FEA and CFD consulting services for a number of specific industries. In particular TDMG provides an extensive amount of services in the following areas:

Electronics Cooling is one area in which TDMG operates extensively, having performed countless analyses from indoor chassis to outdoor cabinet. TDMG has performed all types of flow and thermal analysis from forced air-cooled systems, conduction cooled enclosures, natural convection cooled units, system level analysis, board level, as well as detailed component analysis. Our experience in this area is extensive and we have been doing this type of work since the beginning in 1999. TDMG has a large number of clients which operate in this area from small start-up companies to multinationals.

Building Ventilation is another area where TDMG has significant experience, having performed extensive analysis for indoor pools, clean rooms, datacenters, naturally ventilated process buildings, fire escape routes, human comfort, atriums, hydrogen gas ventilation, and others.

Cooling Products for electronic equipment is yet another area of expertise TDMG has developed over time. Because of our extensive work in the field of electronic cooling, TDMG has developed the capability to design and manufacture custom cooling equipment as required by some of our clients.

Aside from these very specific fields of operation, TDMG also provides services in various other industries, including, aerospace and defence, medical, industrial, building, utilities, and many others.